Martin Lapointe adds his je-ne-sais-quoi which gives «Oumph» to a production. With him, «sound» production is always executed with a disconcerting ease, as is the confidence in the artist that he is.

FRANÇOIS BOUILLON Director, Electronic and Digital Production - Triomphe marketing et communication

From working with 92 studios across the globe Martin Lapointe is by far my favourite Engineer to work with. We place our trust entirely in Martin’s hands to manage the talent and be our eyes and ears as we connect remotely from London.

MATTHEW AVIS Audio Mixer & Coordinator, London, UK

Martin Lapointe knows how to adapt to the requirements of television and web production. Thanks to his expertise, his effectiveness and his critical view, our team feels confident in each project it entrusts to him.

YVAN DRAPEAU President - En Onde

Martin Lapointe's attention to detail, quality of work and professionalism allowed the projects to proceed in the best conditions. His recording studio gave excellent results and Martin treated the projects with care and passion.

KYLE RICHARDS Dialog Supervisor - Sony PlayStation